Our Story


Like any good pasty you need a good story, a good yarn to spin while you’re tucking into the flakey pastry. These pasties are no exception, not only are they hand crimped that morning, served hot out of the oven. But the recipe for these┬ápasties go back many, many generations, handed down from within the family.

In the early 1900’s the family used to use this recipe to feed the people of Plymouth. Passing this family secrete recipe down the generations, it passed to Janet from her mother who she watched for hours making these pasties.

Now those hours of watching her mother bake pasties has paid off and she is the head “crimper” / founder of Pasty Maid. An ambitious pasty business with a difference.

We offer a range of different pasties and savouries cooked fresh in the morning – so you get them straight out the oven! All come with our stamp of quality.






Nothing beats breaking the seal of your hot pasty and getting stuck in – unlike the miners of old, enjoy your crust. Each one of our pasties are jam packed with the best quality beef from local farms and other tasty ingredients sourced as locally as we can to reduce food miles.

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